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Remote control signage designed for the toughest remote area service.

Remote area, changeable message traveller information signs, such as those showing current road status or condition, have always imposed a significant labour cost, and potential safety hazard to keep them up to date

Where the responsibility for updating these signs falls to regional management staff it is not always possible to attend to these signs in a timely manner. When these signs are not updated as or when required, this can potentially result in road users causing unnecessary damage to roads and / or endangering themselves and others. To address these issues ITS Consulting Group has developed a rotating drum sign for use in remote areas that is capable of being either manually or remotely controlled.

Our Australian designed and fabricated signs are:

  • Solar/Battery Powered
  • Streams/Modbus Compatible
  • Web Browser operator interface
  • Low power mechanical display
  • Queensland/Western Australia Designed and Manufactured
  • Optional Traffic Radars, Cameras or other remote sensing integration
  • Local support

The real brain of this operation.

Our remotely controlled traveller information signs are the complete package…., brains and brawn. The brains of our signs are safely located in controller boxes which handle all operational communications and control. Every controller box is fabricated with the greatest attention to detail and quality. They are then extensively tested in the factory before they begin their journey to remote locations of Australia where further testing is conducted to ensure road signs wont just stand up to harsh roadside conditions, they can be depended upon.